Main keynotes at DrupalVolCon

drupalAll the Drupal developers were expected to be there at the DrupalCon to be held in San Francisco in April 2010. However the volcanic activity in Europe affected their plans and most of them could not reach San Francisco. Many flights to San Francisco were grounded and some remained in the air.

Some people including those to give presentations arrived some days before the beginning of the convention of DrupalCon which really turned out to be a big advantage. DrupalVolCon was interesting and Drupals were given opportunity to view the keynotes of the San Francisco convention through a projector.

Presentations were carried out in not so formal form and some of the main features included:

  • Email Newsletter module was presented by Robert Castelo. He made use of Drupal for producing and distributing email newsletters. Details could be found at This project was capable of doing a lot of work other than sending newsletters. There were many interesting features included. Robert explained that he is working on making these modules with functionality of reusability.
  • Stewart Robinson talked about performance with some basic MySQL queries setting for improved speed of Drupal hack. He also covered Pressflow and Varnish.
  • Steven Jones explained the use of Hacked with details on changes with code, contributed modules and Drush integration.
  • There was some informal chat around during DrupalVolCon regarding User Import. This module enables importing users through CSV and for creation of nodes. This kit in Drupal is quite useful and serves varied purposes for users.