Best DrupalCon Events

drupalDrupalCon events have been enjoying complete success and we have outlined some of the best events arranged:

DrupalVolCon London. Many people who were not able to attend the DrupalCon of San Francisco due to volcanic activity, they were offered a chance by Drupal Community to be part of DrupalVolCon arranged in center of London city from 19th April 2010 till 21st April 2010. With this convention, Drupal was brought to its users. The convention was superb with many main sessions conducted by delegates. A big screening was arranged for tuning of these informative discussions for networking.

All the events:

Day one was dedicated to business events followed by three days of keynotes sessions and event closed with contribution sprints.

DrupalCon Prague – 23rd September to 27th September 2013

DrupalCon Prague became the biggest European Drupal Convention that has happened till now. The event began with 1840 tickets bought. This 5 days event was arranged at the Prague Congress Centre. All the days throughout the event offered comprehensive learning and sharing of knowledge with all the skilled Drupal developers. Some topics covered include Project Lead and CTO, Web Governance and Strategy and User Experience.

DrupalCon Portland – 20th May to 24th May 2013

The main theme of DrupalCon in Portland was Building Bridges, Connecting Communities. This Convention was made successful with the presence of more than 3,300 Drupals. The event was arranged at the Oregon Convention Centre. Some learning areas covered during three days of sessions include coding and development, Frontend, Site building, User Experience, business and strategy, DevOps and others.

DrupalCon Denver – 19th March to 23rd March 2012

DrupalCon in Denver was attended by 3,100 people. It was a big success with 103 sessions, 3 keynotes, 14 trainings and 150 BOFs. The event was held at the Colorado Convention Centre in downtown Denver. Highlighted topics of sessions were project management, Drush, Responsive Project, Design for Media Platforms, Site building and others.