DrupalVolCon, what is it about?

drupalDrupalVolCon was a satellite conference of Drupal arranged over 2 days from April 20th 2010 till April 21st 2010. This VolCon event was held at the office of Team Krimson in Antwerp. This conference was a complete success in all terms. More than 40 people were there to attend the DrupalVolCon. Many of them were here on really short notice and this conference was led in a quite informal manner.

13 proposals were received for sessions within a time frame of only 36 hours. BOF’s and speakers were included along with a live streaming of the keynotes of DrupalVolCon which was sponsored by BrightCove. The purpose of this live tuning was to offer benefits of this VolCon in San Francisco to as many Drupal users as possible.
Many of the experienced and extremely knowledgeable developers of Drupal were at the VolCon which turned out to be most favorable for the sessions. A wide range of topics were discussed through various sessions organized by skilled presenters. All the topics were deliberated in detail. Some of the highlighted ones include code driven development, project development, Apache Solr, UX, Display Suite and many more.

These DrupalVolCons are precisely the most valuable platform for Drupal developers. These skilled developers here get a chance to network and share ideas among colleagues. The conventions offer pronounced learning experiences. Many of them find solutions to varied development related problems here. The DrupalVolCon organized sessions ended up being a great success with being quite informative for all the Drupal developers.