DrupalVolCon: what it is?

drupalAnnual convention arranged for the community of Drupal is known as the DrupalVolCon. In April 2010, this event was arranged in San Francisco starting on 20th April and ending on 21st April. More than 3000 Drupals were expected to attend the event organized for San Francisco however a volcanic activity deprived many of the Europeans as they were not able to leave their home town for DrupalVolCon. Many of them were also stuck in their way to San Francisco.

A mini-con parallel to this event was to be arranged by the Drupal community as an alternate to the annual convention. The location was set to be one that was easiest to be reached and thus in a day more than 40 people registered themselves for this mini convention. This idea went on fire over the internet. Everything was planned and scheduled.

A live streaming screen was set for tuning of keynote sessions. Brightcove sponsored the screening of this mini convention. The only aim was to give benefit of this live streaming to all the Drupals around the globe. A session of 2 days were set with complete security and display in Open Atrium.

At this mini session, presentations were given by some people who were to present at the DruaplCon in San Francisco. Many of the advanced topics of development were talked about in depth including Apache Solr, Display Suite, Project Deployment and Management and many others.

This gives a clear concept that if Drupals plan to do it, nothing could stop them! Instead of drupalistas attending the event, this VolCon was brought to them. The satellite conference was a big success in all forms.